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Do you have questions about using Byways 101 or the information you’ve read? Before you contact us, you may want to review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to study Byways 101 in order?
A. Byways 101 was developed as a sequential learning program. To maximize its training potential, you should follow each part and its learning objectives in order. However, if you’re looking for specific training or reference materials, please jump into the program anywhere you’d like.

Q. Should I download PDF or .txt files?
A. The Byways 101 site offers downloads in either the Adobe PDF format or the text-only “.txt” format. The PDF format preserves images and text; the text-only file does not include any images so that it works with accessibility devices for the hearing and visually impaired.

Q. Should I print the Byways 101 pages?
A. Please do! Print any of the online pages, the Skill Builders, Resources, or any other Tools. We especially recommend that you print and complete the Check Your Knowledge and Chart Your Progress forms for each Part.

Q. Should I send the Chart Your Progress forms to you?
A. No, they are for your information only.

Q. What if I have ideas, comments or suggestions?
A. Please e-mail your feedback to us. All e-mails help us to improve the training and learning opportunities provided to the byway community.