Byways 101

Part 2: Intrinsic Qualities & The Byway Story

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See what’s ahead in this section.

Welcome back. This section focuses on beginning the byway planning process. Learn about the six intrinsic qualities, the byway story, and corridor inventory and identification. The five Learning Objectives below explain what you should be able to do after completing Part 2.


1. The Six Intrinsic Qualities
Explain each of the six intrinsic qualities: archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational and scenic.

2. What Is A Byway Story?
Recognize what a “byway story” is, how it supports the visitor’s experience, and how it can serve as an economic development tool.

3. Byway Inventory & The Byway Story
Explain the purpose of the byway inventory and its relation to the byway story.

4. The Inventory Process
Describe the inventory process, including important tools, community resources and tips.

5. Identifying The Byway Corridor
Express how to identify the byway corridor.

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