Byways 101

Part 2: Intrinsic Qualities & The Byway Story

Learning Objective #3: Byway Inventory & The Byway Story

Explain the purpose of the byway inventory and its relation to the byway story.

What Is The Purpose Of Inventory And Assessment?

The purpose of the byway inventory and assessment is to take a close look at your road’s intrinsic qualities and to develop an understanding of compromising changes it could face in the years ahead.

As noted earlier, the significance of a scenic byway’s intrinsic qualities is based on the resources along the roadway corridor. Because of this, it is important to identify and clearly describe the features that contribute to or otherwise affect the byway’s significant intrinsic qualities.

By thoroughly documenting the byway’s important resources, you create a complete record of the byway’s significant aspects. You can also assess the places, views and experiences to include in the byway’s management plan. This helps you make the case for designating your road.

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