Part 2: Intrinsic Qualities & The Byway Story

What Is The Difference Between Inventory And Assessment?

The two concepts seem similar. However, inventory is more about what you have and assessment is more about the condition or importance of what you have. Inventory precedes assessment.

Your byway inventory is a survey of the intrinsic qualities and resources within your byway corridor. It is a list of “goods on hand.”

At the completion of the inventory, you will have a series of photographs and descriptions of the resources that contribute to the byway’s intrinsic qualities and maps that illustrate the location of these sites and views.

Remember that your inventory should focus on the intrinsic qualities that you know to exist along your byway. Focus your efforts on recording and describing the resources and features that relate to those qualities and support your byway’s story.

During your byway assessment, take a good look at your route to assess its strengths and weaknesses. Your high regard for this stretch of road and appreciation of its significance and uniqueness are important, of course. For the next steps, however, set aside your sense of local pride and take a realistic look at what you have.

After completing the inventory, evaluate or assess your list to determine the importance or value of those intrinsic qualities and resources as essential parts of your byway. Prioritize and choose which are the most significant and representative intrinsic qualities and resources to include in your byway planning for future protection, promotion and capturing the “byway story.”

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