Byways 101

Part 2: Intrinsic Qualities & The Byway Story

Learning Objective #4: The Inventory Process

Describe the inventory process, including important tools, community resources and tips.

Using Volunteers Or Professional Help

Please note that byway resource inventory and assessment is a skill application that will vary for each individual byway’s resources. The inventory and assessment information provided in Byways 101 is not all-encompassing.

Inventory and assessment of a byway’s resources can sometimes be a complicated task that may go beyond the scope of a volunteer group’s abilities. Consider university graduate students as a potential resource. Some byway organizations choose to employ professional assistance to assist with the fieldwork of gathering and organizing data.

Before you begin an inventory and assessment of your byway, talk to your State or Indian tribe byway coordinator about your plans and the skill capacity of your volunteer team. If you have questions about obtaining professional assistance, your coordinator may be able to provide recommendations and funding considerations.

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