Part 2: Intrinsic Qualities & The Byway Story

Coordinate The Byway Inventory Across Communities

Many byways travel through more than one town or county. This makes it necessary to coordinate between each government and/or private sector entity that manages the road and the corridor. Depending on the characteristics of the area through which the byway passes, the inventory work may consist of one multi-community effort or several separate efforts.

To coordinate several separate groups, begin by clarifying the types of information to collect and how to collect them. Once each community performs its inventory work, host joint meetings and brainstorming sessions to synthesize the work into a whole. This process moves much more smoothly if some standards are agreed upon at the outset.

The inventory process does not involve recommendations for management. The various communities are simply assembling lists. However, with leadership and guidance, the inventory phase can lay a firm foundation for the trust and cooperation necessary later in the process after you broach the topic of management choices. Then, the varying interests and philosophies of different communities can make the process more challenging.

See the Skill Builders: Assessing The Data for more about the process.

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