Byways 101

Part 2: Intrinsic Qualities & The Byway Story

Working With Grassroots Volunteer Teams

With a little organization ahead of time, a small group of volunteers can complete the inventory process in a relatively short period of time—if you quell the urge to go into great detail.

Begin by recruiting volunteers from the communities along the byway. Organize these volunteers into teams, with each responsible for collecting information relating to one segment of the byway or to one intrinsic quality.

Hold a meeting with the full volunteer group to discuss the byway story so that everyone shares a common understanding of the purpose and focus of the inventory.

Depending on the length and character of the byway, volunteers can do their work in cars, by bicycle or on foot.

Equip each team with the following materials:

  • Maps, preferably USGS quad sheets or similar
  • Cameras
  • Notebooks
  • Inventory Worksheets (see Skill Builders)

Ask teams to seek out the views, places, buildings and other features that contribute to your story. Take photos to capture the visual quality of the byway corridor and to record the specific resources that support the byway’s story. Record photo locations and important features on a map.

Note that evaluating some intrinsic qualities and resources may require specific expertise and experience, such as in historic preservation or archaeology.

See the Skill Builders: Assessing The Data for more about the process.

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