Byways 101

Part 4: Planning, Action & Nomination

Skill Builders: Evaluating Your Byway’s Significance

Just as you utilized community members and experts to gather and review information during the inventory phase, you can use the evaluation of significance to continue this public involvement and build on the momentum you have created.

Inviting others in the community to participate in the evaluation of the byway’s significance is a way of ensuring that your nomination for byway designation has public input and support.

At your public meeting, post and review the final inventory of resources and features of the route. Then discuss the key aspects of the byway that make it regionally or nationally significant.

Skill Builders: Byway Significance Worksheets
Use the “Byway Significance Worksheets” from Byway Beginnings, pages 65-68, to help summarize your byway’s evaluation process. If you host a meeting as suggested in the previous Skill Builders evaluation exercise, this form can help you organize your meeting discussion. Print or download these pages below.

Download PDF | TXT