Byways 101

Part 4: Planning, Action & Nomination

Learning Objective #2: Community-Based Planning

Describe what a corridor management plan is and why it is important.

The Importance Of Community-Based Planning

Remember that an essential element of byway programs is that they are grassroots in nature, stemming from community participation and input. Develop your byway planning to meet and enhance the route and the needs of the communities that the byway corridor encompasses.

The corridor management plan is a tool that supports the local focus of a byway, empowering the byway group and stakeholders to develop the details and direction of their planning efforts.

Development of your byway’s corridor management plan is as much about the process as it is about the product. Some byways choose to develop their corridor management plan completely at the local level, while others want or need to obtain professional assistance from a consultant experienced in writing byway corridor management plans.

Whichever process you choose, developing a corridor management plan with community input and involvement is an essential part of this stage of planning.

CMP Development Tips
As you develop your corridor management plan, it helps to:

  • Involve all communities along the byway
  • Form a common vision for the future of the byway
  • Create “buy-in” and support for byway initiatives
  • Create a shared sense of ownership for the byway