Byways 101

Part 4: Planning, Action & Nomination

Using Existing Plans

Can you rely on existing plans and documents rather than prepare a stand-alone corridor management plan? Possibly.

A corridor management plan is a “living document” that outlines the strategies and efforts both made and planned by the community to preserve and enhance its route. Consequently, it is often possible to build on previous planning efforts, rather than creating a corridor management plan from scratch. You may want to check for existing planning documents (Federal, State, Indian tribe, county or town) that already have identified and developed most of the information required for corridor management plans.

For byways submitting a nomination to the National Scenic Byways Program, the Federal Highway Administration has accepted existing plans and documents in lieu of a separate corridor management plan for a byway. The collection of planning documents must meet the requirements of the Interim Policy for a CMP. Ensure that any plans and documents you attach include information required for the corridor management plan.

When preparing your nomination, you will be asked to identify the principle pages in your documents that discuss each item required by FHWA’s Interim Policy. Evaluate these documents and summarize appropriate information from them into brief but self-explanatory paragraphs. Attach copies of the pertinent documents, or appropriate pages, only when the information they contain is critical to the nomination during review. Some points may warrant special attention, such as plans to assure ongoing public participation in the implementation of corridor management objectives.