Byways 101


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Welcome! This section provides an overview of the National Scenic Byways Program, other byway programs and key definitions and concepts related to byways. The five Learning Objectives below explain what you should be able to do after completing Part 1.


1. What Is A Byway?
Define what a byway is, including key concepts and broad definitions such as byway, intrinsic qualities, byway story, grassroots and visitor experience.

2. The National Scenic Byways Program
Describe the history, vision and mission of the National Scenic Byways Program, the Interim Policy upon which the Program is based and the Federal Highway Administration’s role in managing the Program.

3. America’s Byways® & Other Byways
Identify the America’s Byways collection and other types of byway programs, such as BLM-Back Country Byways, National Forest Byways, State byways, and Indian tribe byways. Describe how the National Scenic Byways Program supports these byway programs.

4. Byway Benefits
Explain the benefits of becoming a byway, including promotion, pride, preservation and partnerships, as well as the responsibility of becoming part of a byway collection.

5. Grants & Other Funding Sources
Describe the National Scenic Byways grants program and supporting grants guidance, as well as the importance of diversifying funding sources for byway sustainability.

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