Byways 101

Part 1: Program Overview

Byway Designation Benefits: Preservation

Preserving a byway’s intrinsic quality(s) is essential to its integrity and sustainability. A designated byway creates a legacy and offers opportunities to preserve special places. It is those qualities and places that residents love and that draw visitors. In this way, preservation has a strong connection with promotion.

A byway might have a building or structure associated with a historic event or unique to a particular group of people and their way of life. It might have a natural resource or scenic vista integral to the byway’s intrinsic quality(s), or it could offer certain outdoor recreation within view of the road.

Proper corridor management can mean added protection to valued resources as well as historic or tribal sacred sites along the byway.

Whatever its unique characteristic, the byway preserves its very essence by preserving the intrinsic quality(s) and working to sustain the resource for generations to come.

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