Byways 101

Part 1: Program Overview

What Responsibility Comes With Byway Designation?

Each byway is unique and adds something significant to the collection of designated roads. With designation comes the responsibility of contributing to the sustainability of that collection and the traveler experience. Designated byways respect and protect the integrity of resources and intrinsic qualities. Byways are expected to offer and promote authentic and diverse experiences to travelers of all ages, abilities and interests. Each byway is accountable to all the others to create a shared standard of high quality throughout the collection.

Each byway’s mission directs its responsibilities and the realization of those efforts through the National Scenic Byways Program. Byway leaders are responsive to their local communities and the travelers they welcome.

The responsibilities of the National Scenic Byways Program lie in its mission “to provide resources to the byway community in creating a unique travel experience and enhancing the local quality of life through efforts to preserve, protect, interpret and promote the intrinsic qualities of designated byways.” Staff members are attentive to the changing needs of byways and are proactive in their efforts to provide technical resources and assistance. Communication and networking is intentional and promotion is strategic. The program is accountable to the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, the byway community and byway travelers.

The responsibilities accepted by byway groups and by the National Scenic Byways Program combine to build a strong byway community. Joining America’s Byways or State, Federal agency or Indian tribe byway collections brings each byway into a common effort with each other and with the National Scenic Byways Program. As members of a byways collection, they are also accountable to each other to maintain the integrity of their byway program. Communication and information sharing are keys to sustained success (adapted from

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