Byways 101

Part 1: Program Overview

Learning Objective #5: Grants & Other Funding Sources

Describe the National Scenic Byways grants program and supporting grants information, as well as the importance of diversifying funding sources for byway sustainability.

What Is The National Scenic Byways Grants Program?

The National Scenic Byways discretionary grants program provides competitive funding for byway-related projects each year. States, Indian tribes and local communities use the Program to fund a variety of projects based on defined eligibility categories and administrative criteria (see

Where Do I Learn More About How To Apply For NSBP Grants & Eligibility?

For questions on the application process, project eligibility, schedule and general application content, contact your State or Indian tribe’s byway coordinator. To find out who your byway coordinator is, go to “Key State and Byway Contacts” at

To become familiar with the National Scenic Byways discretionary grants program, including eligibility criteria, application process and changes for the current year go to: and click on “Grant Information.” There are eight eligible categories when applying for National Scenic Byways Program grant funds:
1. State and Tribal Programs
2. Corridor Management Plan
3. Safety Improvements
4. Byway Facilities
5. Access to Recreation
6. Resource Protection
7. Interpretive Information
8. Marketing Program

Tribes As Direct Recipients

Tribes are eligible to apply directly to FHWA for grants under the National Scenic Byway Program.

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