Byways 101

Part 3: Public & Community Involvement

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Welcome back. This section focuses on the process of developing a byway initiative based on community participation. Learn how to work with key stakeholders and steps for creating an effective byway organization. The five Learning Objectives below explain what you should be able to do after completing Part 3.


1. Building Local Support & Identifying Stakeholders
Explain the importance of building local support, and how to identify key stakeholders who may either support or oppose the development of a byway initiative.

2. Developing A Public Participation Strategy
List important elements of developing a public participation strategy.

3. Evaluating Your Byway Initiative
Describe how to evaluate the purpose of your byway initiative and consider whether a byway is right for your road corridor and community.

4. The Byway Vision & Goals
Explain why developing a byway vision and goals are important.

5. Organizational Options
List organizational options for byway groups and some important considerations for sustainability of byway organizations.

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