Byways 101

Part 3: Public & Community Involvement

Hold Your First Public Meeting

An essential element of developing any byway is encouraging public involvement. The public especially includes interested citizens, property owners who will be affected by the byway, businesses with an interest in the byway, recreationists, Indian tribes, and local political leaders.

Public meetings are a necessary part of almost all byway planning work. Prepare well for the first meeting, as it sets the tone for further public participation. Aim at:

  • Raising awareness and appreciation of the value of your byway, and articulating the byway’s value in a statement agreeable to all.
  • Developing consensus on a broad statement of purpose for your byway and consensus on byway designation as a goal for your route.
  • Deciding on other community members who should now be recruited into the process.
  • Deciding whether there is enough agreement, commitment and energy in the group to move to the next steps.

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