Byways 101

Part 3: Public & Community Involvement

Learning Objective #3: Evaluating Your Byway Initiative

Describe how to evaluate the purpose of your byway initiative and consider whether a byway is right for your road corridor and community.

The Byway’s Purpose: A Quick Test

If you can define one or two tangible, compelling reasons for creating the byway, then you are on your way to developing a clearly stated purpose. The clearer and more relevant your purpose, the easier it will be to recruit volunteers and build political support.

As a test of how prepared you are to make your case to other people, try to complete the following two sentences:

1. It is important for our community that we create this byway because…
2. I believe that we will benefit from a byway in the following ways…

If you cannot complete these sentences in a convincing manner, step back and reconsider whether a byway makes sense. Byways are not the answer for every community.

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