Byways 101

Part 3: Public & Community Involvement

Learning Objective #5: Organizational Options

List organizational options for byway groups and some important considerations for sustainability of byway organizations.

About Organizational Structure

This section introduces basic organizational structures. There are many valid forms of organization for byways.

You may find that your byway is best served by more than one of these basic models. When it comes to byway organizations, there are very few “purebreds.” Most groups are “hybrids;” they have selected a mix of organizational pieces that fit their specific needs. Pick the one that best serves your interests and best reflects the interests of the group(s) with whom you work.

In addition, many groups find that their organizations evolve and change over time. As the needs of the byway change, the byway organization necessarily needs to refine its approach to meet new and different corridor needs.

Select a structure that meets your current needs and understand that it is a “work in progress.” Every so often, it’s a good idea to evaluate your organizational structure to make sure it is working for you.

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