Byways 101

Part 3: Public & Community Involvement

What Is A Byway Mission Statement?

A byway mission statement provides broad direction as to how the organization will fulfill its vision. It does not include specific actions or activities. These will be outlined in the goals and objectives.

To serve as an accurate roadmap for realizing your byway’s vision, the mission should state your group’s unique role in reaching the vision. A clear mission provides a way to determine and evaluate if a potential initiative falls within the byway organization’s role.

Writing A Mission Statement
A byway organization should have a mission statement, as well as a vision statement. A clearly articulated mission statement will provide a framework for reaching your desired destination—how you will get where you want to go.

Good Mission Statements:

  • Outline what must happen to realize your vision
  • Describe what your byway is trying to accomplish and for whom
  • Inspire people to join you
  • Highlight a group’s unique strength
  • Outline the group’s role in realizing the vision
  • Serve as a yardstick against which you can measure new ideas and proposals
  • Are accessible and understandable to all your stakeholders

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